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'Wearing other people's shoes'

From now until 12th August 2019 in the glass atrium entrance of Farnham Maltings
Waverley Borough Council has teamed up with us to deliver a major arts and health project called 'Whatever the weather'. We have explored the patterns and textures of everyday life in Farnham which has culminated in an exhibition of 3D studies. Each artist has brought their unique piece together in a collaborative piece of hanging art. The Beautiful video to go with the poem created by Becci Kenning artintransit.com using the work that was created by the Monday ’Art Creatures’ group can be found here: https://vimeo.com/347579726

Poem by Zena and Liz:
Whatever the weather walking in Farnham 'wearing other people’s shoes'.
Walking in Farnham,wearing other people’s shoes. Looking through their eyes. And, seeing differently.
Looking through the camera’s lens and focussing. Noticing parts of Farnham we are used to walking in, walking, through.
Not looking, not noticing, not seeing. Just wanting to get there. Where, we are we walking to. Then, looking, noticing, seeing. And, taking photographs in, and around, Farnham.
Perhaps, even, where we have just walked, noticing and seeing nothing.The camera’s are other people’s shoes, their lenses, the eyes.
Focusing,seeing,taking photographs. Click, click. Clicking, clicking.
If you have seen that foot print, that single footprint on that old, brick wall, that alleyway, do you wonder about the mystery of that footprint? Walking in, walking through, 
Victoria Gardens, have you noticed, or seen, a sculpture of a little boy, hugged, by a towel? If you see him, maybe, he will tell you, why he is there.
All those mysteries. All those histories. Ghostly figures, ghostly pictures in our heads.
Walking in Farnham. And, taking photographs, focusing on it it’s minutiae, it’s details, on pavements, alleyways, architecture
and buildings. Wearing other people’s shoes, looking through their eyes. And, seeing.
Then, still, taking photographs and, seeing, through our own eyes,  wearing, our own shoes and walking.

Sacred Heart Songs

Wednesday 19th June 1130-12.15 St Andrews Church
Heather Golding will be singing with Caroline Walker in 'Sacred Heart Songs with Words and Flutes' on Wednesday 19th June.
Heather will also be with friends on Sunday 23rd June in  'A colourful celebration of Creation' 3-4.30pm,
90 minutes of music, poetry and storytelling, all at St Andrews Church. No tickets required, donations welcome.
Silver linings

Silver Linings Exhibition

1st June - 19th July 2019
28 West Street, Farnham

Our 25th Anniversary celebrations start with our open day on Saturday 1st June 11-5 pm at Creative Response above the library.

Please come along and buy some incredible art and donate to our worthy charity.

Unseen Artists at The Maltings, Farnham

18th & 19th May 2019
Farnham Maltings

A collaborative exhibition including work from Creative Response.
Varied pieces for sale.
10-5pm Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May.
There will also be a cake sale from 2pm on the Saturday.

Music in the Meadow

Sunday 26th May 2019 Gostrey Meadows
Come and listen to the music of Eden Blacklist and have a cup of tea or coffee.
Creative Response will be there serving refreshments all day at Gostrey Meadows,
so come along and support your local art therapy charity.
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The Red Cube Gallery

The old red telephone box outside St.Mary's School, Frensham, GU10 3DS until May 14th 2019
The puppets have found a home in the old phonebox on the Green outside St.Mary's School so go and have a look!
Matrix Print Expo Image


Private View 2nd March 2019, 11am - 1pm  4th March - 5th April 2019 Monday to Friday 10am - 2.30pm 
A print expo with amazing prints showing different techniques.  A must see with something for every taste and pocket.
CRArtSpark (cropped)

Art Spark

14TH January TO 15TH February, Baskerville Room, Vernon House, 28 West Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DR
Open Mondays to Fridays 10am - 3pm  
January sale of art, crafts, gifts, calendars and cards

Nigel Moxey at Barista Lounge Farnham

9th January until 13th March at Barista Lounge, 11 Downing Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU97PB 
An array of colourful paintings by Nigel Moxey are on display at Barista Lounge in Farnham.  With a range of subject matter and prices the exhibition is well worth a perusal and they make great coffee.      

Eden Blacklist at Farnham Pottery

Friday 21st December at 8pm at Farnham Pottery
Eden Blacklist are performing alongside Peter Crutchfield, The Dirty Carols and Jim Cozens