Whilst the service Creative Response provides is based on a broad range of the visual arts i.e. drawing, collage, sculpture, ceramics, plaster work, printmaking and dyeing, we also encourage producing, directing for performance, movement, drama, dance, music making, audio and video recordings. Regular exhibitions of participants' work are mounted and we also encourage them to take part in other exhibitions around the country, all of which offers a vital focus to their work and nurtures their confidence and self-development.

We run a programme of supported art sessions for vulnerable participants suffering with
mental health issues, from 10am -3pm, Tuesday to Friday.
Many of the participants who attend the day service have been referred from Community
Mental Health Teams in their local authorities. There is a current move to fund many participants
on a 12 week programme with us and we also provide a 12 week, half day transition course to
help those participants who are unable to secure further funding but require support to move onto
local community projects and maintain their well-being. For those who need to continue their Creative Response art or music sessions to maintain their well-being, they can privately fund themselves. We are currently applying for grants to provide bursaries for those who are unable to self fund.

We have art sessions to support those with learning and or physical disabilities which also operate
from 10am-3pm on a longer term basis. Many of these participants are eligible for adult social care
or learning disability funding.

We are able to offer a one to one 'art therapy' outreach service for those who are unable to travel or for those who are unable to initially cope with a group session. We currently run an outreach project in Cranleigh and are open to working alongside other charities or community projects to enable a
wider group of vulnerable people, both young and old, to access the benefits of the arts in
helping them to maintain their wellbeing.

Workshops for the Mental Health Services, Voluntary Organisations and Social or Education Services, can also be provided to demonstrate the value of the arts in coping with mental health difficulties.