Cranleigh Outreach Group

The Creative Response outreach group has been running since the late 1990's.  We have use of a beautiful light studio at Cranleigh Arts Centre.
It's a small, friendly group and the atmosphere is relaxed and supportive.  Activities we can provide include painting, drawing, printmaking, small sculptures, felt making and paper making. 
There is also a ceramics session on the last
Friday of the month.
Please feel free to contact us about individual referrals or for further information on our Cranleigh Project at: Cranleigh Arts Centre website. 

We have run similar outreach projects in other locations and are keen to find other venues where there is a need for our services.
Individual, potential participants who experience difficulty travelling to a venue and/or engaging in a group session can be supported by one of our outreach arts workers in their homes, once funding is secured. This approach then aims to facilitate the participant joining a group session with Creative Response, when and where appropriate.