Creative Response is an independent, arts related organisation established and run by professional practising artists who share their practice with vulnerable people. A Registered Charity, Creative Response was established in 1993 to relieve persons with mental health and or substance misuse problems by the provision of arts-related activities.

Michael Prinsep was our founder, he was a true visionary and empathetic soul, who put his heart and soul into this arts for well-being charity.
An exceptional artist himself, he knew the value and necessity of having a creative outlet.
Mike was a huge personality, yet humble and kind and his extraordinary humanity touched many peoples lives. 
His contribution and legacy live on in the many people that are involved in Creative Response, where our approach is to use both visual and performance related arts as a catalyst in a therapeutic environment. The atmosphere we create is unique, with an acceptance of people as they are and working relationships are based on a foundation of mutual trust, care and support. 

Participants are encouraged to develop their self-esteem and confidence. Through the art sessions, we aim to help them overcome their fears and anxieties, to take responsibility for themselves and to develop coping mechanisms for daily life.