About Creative Response

Creative Response is an independent, arts related organisation established and run by professional practising artists who share their practice with vulnerable people. A Registered Charity, Creative Response was established in 1993 to ‘relieve persons with mental health and or substance misuse problems by the provision of arts-related activities'.

Our approach is through using both visual and performance related arts as a catalyst in a therapeutic environment. The atmosphere we create is unique. We welcome and accept people as they are.

Our working relationships are based on a foundation of mutual trust, care and support. A freedom exists because there are no bounds or rules; encouragement of personal responsibility builds confidence and self-esteem, enabling participants to overcome their fears and anxieties.

Whilst the service Creative Response provides is based on a broad range of the visual arts i.e. drawing, collage, sculpture, ceramics, plasterwork, printmaking and dyeing, we also encourage producing, directing for performance, movement, drama, dance, music making, audio and video recordings.

Regular exhibitions of participants' work are mounted and we also encourage them to take part in other exhibitions around the country, all of which offers a vital focus to their work and nurtures their confidence and self-development.

Residential workshops to staff of Mental Health Services, Voluntary Organisation and Social Services, can also be facilitated.

“Unless we are able to share our experience of creativity, we do not grow.”